History of Volkswagen

New and Used Volkswagen Information:

1875 - On September the third, founder Ferdinand Porsche is born

1931 - Porsche invents the torsion bar and draws the first sketches of the Volkswagen beetle.

1934 - Adolf Hitler contacts Porsche to develop the Beetle or KdFWagen.

1935 - The Berlin Automaobile Show. Hitler announces that Ferdinand Porsche will develop the new People’s car.

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1936 - First testing on the prototype begins.

1937 - Thirty prototypes called series 30 are completed.

1938 - The Volkswagen factory is built on land obtained forcefully. On May the 28th a ceremony is used to mark the laying of the cornerstone is conducted.

1939 - KdFWagen appears at the Berlin auto show. Germany goes to war.

1940 - Volkswagen Kubelwagens (German amphibious vehicles) are built.

1942 - Schwimmwagens are built.

1944 - Allied Forces bomb factory destroying two thirds of it.

1945 - The War is over. Porsche is interrogated over connection to Nazis.

1946 - Cars are constructed but by hand.

1947 - The factory produces around 19,000 cars which are exported to Holland. Two handmade convertibles are also constructed.

1948 - Chief executive appointed. Milestone as the 20,000th Volkswagen Beetle is produced. Three more prototypes are developed.