History of Bantam

The first American Austins (sometimes called Austin Bantams or bantams) were produced in 1930 in Butler Pennsylvania. Although a royalty fee was paid to English Austin the American version was different; and had a more stylish body and the engine was a mirror image.

Despite a good start and lots of publicity, 1929 was not an auspicious year to start a car company and they failed after a few years. The factory and tooling was bought by Roy Evans. The car was redesigned and the engine changed enough so that royalties were not required to be paid. This car is called the American Bantam.

Although they share much and are the same size (75" wb/1200 lbs ~600 kilos) the cars are distinctly different and only some of the parts are interchangeable . We will try to show comparisons of various parts so you can tell whether the part you have is Austin or Bantam.