History of Stutz

1911 Harry C. Stutz (1876-1930) founded the Ideal Motor Car Company at Indianapolis, Indiana At the Indianapolis 500 race he finished 11th.

1912 Harry C. Stutz renamed his firm, the new name was: Stutz Motor Company

1919 Stutz sold his company to Charles M. Schwab and two other investors.

1920 Stutz Series II Roadster, photos were taken by Bob Craig at 2002 Ault Parc Concours

1923 Frederick Ewan Moskowics entered the Stutz Company. He worked formerly for Daimler (Stuttgart, Germany), Marmon and Franklin. Moskowics developed the concept of Stutz as the safety sports car.

1927 Record: 24h with a speed of 109,5 km/h

1928 2nd place at the 24h of Le Mans race, drivers Bloch and Brisson finished 13km behind the Bentley, because of problems with the gearbox. The best result for an American car, till 1966 Ford won the race! At Daytona Stutz won the competition of the fastest american sportscar at a speed of 171,3 km/h (106,53 mph).

1929 5th place at the 24h of Le Mans.

1935 End of production Stutz was well known for the safety features, like safety glass, the "Noback"- Hill-Holder-system and the chassis with its low centre of gravity.