History of Talbot Triumph

1885 - Seigfrield Brittman started out producing Triumph bicycles in Coventry, England.

1921 - Brittman took control of the Dawson Car Company and introduces the Triumph Light, with a 1.9 litre engine.

1927 - The “Super Seven” was produced as a direct replacement for the Triumph Light. These Super Seven’s, were also sold bare frame for other coachwork bodies to be fitted, including a Triumph coach-built saloon. Donald Healey drove some of these Super Sevens quite successfully in trials and events. Approximately 17,000 Super Sevens were produced.

1934 - Donald Healey become's the company manager.

1939 - T W Ward of Sheffield bought the company, but produced no cars.

1944 - Standard Motor Company bought what was left of the blitzed Coventry factory, and began the redevelopment of Triumph.

1946 - The Triumph Roadster was introduced. 5000 cars would be sold before its production run ended in 1949.

1952 - The TS20 was introduced but was not well received.

1953 - The TR2 was introduced with huge success.

1970 - British Leyland introduces the Triumph Stag.